UIMT has strong commitment towards teaching students to become leaders in their respective fields, a fact strengthened by our full time and visiting faculty, many of them with international reputations.
By maintaining strong links with the Industry, Business and Profession, the faculty has been able to balance between theory and practical applications.

Students are guided and trained with in the broader environment of the needs of the new century so that they are well placed to maximize the objectives in the chosen industry.
The faculty places are high value on creativity and many are outstanding practitioners, recognised for their skills in problem solving, research social and community service.
Students are taught in a stimulating environment learning through lectures, tutorials, seminars, workshops, practical, project works and industrial visits.

Unique Institute of Management and Technology (UIMT) is an exiting place to study, offering Accredited Graduate and Post Graduate Degree Programs.

The world is changing rapidly and in ways that we barely comprehend. But at UIMT there is constant search for better understanding and for solutions to our social, economic and technological problems.

Unique Institute of Management and Technology (UIMT) has pioneered to break down the barrier between traditional & modern learning process. UIMT believes in learning that will equip you with skills & aptitudes needed to make the most of life in the twenty first century.

Our position a an leading institute has been reinforced by the recent performance of our students who are placed among the top corporate houses in India & abroad.

Unique Institute of Management and Technology (UIMT) attracts student, from all parts of country who find UIMT to be friendly welcoming place.

In this prospectus we have tried to provide the all information that will help you decide why UIMT is the right place for you.

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